Team Counter Optimization [RESOLVED]

I just made a system that detects the players in each team, and ends the game when only one team is left, and shows the winning team. Can I optimize this?
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I can give block code if you want, and settings.

IT’S SO NEAT… :scream:

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Perhaps you could optimize this by setting the scope of one of the systems to team, then it will act as all four systems. You then could write some code to compare them by relaying for a random player on each team, and having that trigger some comparison code or something.

I’m not sure if this will work, since I haven’t gotten around to testing it, but you might wanna try it.

K. This is so annoying because of all the debugging and block code :(

You already have the system working, you just need to set it to team scope and compare them them, which willl be the tricky part


Does anyone have a guide on this? I can make one lol.

No, I think that you are the first. @Blackhole927 would be the person to ask, though.

Wait it doesn’t work :(

Nevermind I found a fix why.

On the thing where you use a property with team scope, and then some code to compare them?
If so, no, one doesn’t exist. You can make one, just credit me on the concept :slight_smile:

No, the system didn’t work, but it works completely fine now becaues the team names had a different number of characters so i switched the names to “Team 1”, “Team 2”, etc.


This is all WAY over my head, and I’m literally flying.

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