Taser idea help

Does anyone know how to make a taser where you can stun people on touch?

Idk about on touch, but you could have a weapon that, on shooting a player, removes an item from their inventory (an item that they have by default) using a lifecycle device to listen for the knockout. Then add a movement meter that makes it so you can’t move without the item. Then connect the lifecycle device to a trigger that waits a certain amount of time before giving the item back to the player and allowing them to move again.

You could also make it on touch using a tag zone that doesn’t respawn the player but instead does what I explained in the above comment with the item and lifecycle and stuff, but to use a tag zone you’d have to have teams in your game.

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Smart. Thanks for the help!

No problem!

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Ha! Solutions didn’t exist here 7 months ago! Thanks for the help!


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