Taking away unknown device

So I made the bad mistake of giving other players I invited to my game perms and now they put this in it
Screenshot 2024-05-26 3.58.47 PM
now I’m kinda new to Gimkit so idk what device this is nor were they put it and I really don’t want it to end up in my game. Any ideas?

It looks like your players used a Game Overlay device. It looks like this:

Find it on your map. If you find that device, delete it.
If you can’t find it, then you might have to get the players back and tell the truth (tell them if no one speaks the truth then the map will be deleted)

If they don’t speak the truth, then i guess the map will be deleted (Don’t worry if there’s no progress!)

yep. definitely an overlay

Well, 1 idk who the player was and 2 I have worked hours upon hours upon hours on this map and I CANNOT delete it.

why cant you delete it…? its a single device

no i meant i cant delete the map

no one said to delete the map. just the device

Get all the players who got into your game once. Tell them who did that game overlay.
If no one tells the truth, then there’s no choice.

and the device could be anywhere on the map so yeah…

and if you went on the wix to do this. then you’ll just have to search your butt off

Just find it on your map

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i mean ill try but there is no way I’m going to delete it I’ve worked to hard

actually i don’t even have the wix it’d be nice if I can know the password also

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would you rather: delete your map or find a device?
that’s literally all. you choose one. you do one.

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yeah i know i was just seeing if there was a faster way to fid it but oh well

you can look for overlay in layers if it’s easier that way. you’ll just have to search one zone of your map at a time though.

do devices show up in layers tho?

yeah. why wouldnt they? you can look at layers for the device and/or for the visual of it.
edit: im leaving rn gtg bye

sigh this is why I say ima noob at this platform i didn’t know that it only shows up in layers! o goodness this is gunna take awhile…:sob:

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It doesn’t only show up in layers. Someone provided a screenshot of what it looks like earlier. There are just a lot of devices that look like it so layering may help

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