Tagging free for all?

if you read the title, I need a way to make everyone be able to tag each other, for ex team 1 can tag team 2 team 3 and so on and so forth.

what happens when 2 people meet? who knows who tags who?

Ummmm this would be too weird…
It would be tagging yourself basciallly

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yeah, when a person and b person meet, who gets tagedd?

tbh, idk

I’m pretty sure you can do this by dividing 3 players into each team, using a specific system.

im sry but this iis just not fundementally possible.

Maybe you could detect who was moving and say the person who was moving tagged the other player
[I will come out with a beta system later today]

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I mean, cant I just make a player have its own team and limit the players to only like 9? so there will only be 9 teams? If you don’t get it its fine its just my wording,

the problem is if both are mpving. And also, how we do that?

With properties and setting it to respawn on tag to “no”

ok, so team 1 person tag team 2 kid. they were both tring to tag eachother, who would wi?


  1. coming out with beta system (brainstorming right now) ↩︎

That probably wouldn’t work well.

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I have idea. How about we make it like amoungus, and there s a kill button, whoever click it first sshould win

the first person that touches, (but your just gonna say, “Well, what if they both touch each other at the same time?” not tryna mock ya

ok, but both people are running at eachother?
(dont take it offensivly pls)

If you did the players would be in each other’s areas so both would still die

and in tagging irl, have you like taged someone but they tag you back litarelly 0.1 secs after? it kinda like that

You’d have to have a lot of tag zones