Tag or day and night cycle?

is there a way to make a tag cycle, day and night cycle etc… like in tag: domination?
(i’m making a survival game)

will this help?

yeah but i want an overlay that actually shows a timer

you can make a tag zone connected to repeaters.

i showed someone else a screenshot before. lemme see if i can find it

sry i cant find it i made it like 3 months ago

XD ok whatever lmao

this isnt mine i just found it somewhere else

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also check this out:


Wire repeaters are great for cycles.

Why thank you!

It is possable just use barriers that are grey or black to make it night and have it to were when a button is click barrier becomes visable and when different button is clicked it becomes invisable. let me now of this helps.

Thank you so much!!!

idk why they still havent patched that yet lol

ok this is getting too competitive

Wow someone looks up to me!

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actually i made this account, and 2 days later i found out abt your existence, @Thats_Gimpossible XD

what do you mean?

How do we know you aren’t a alt? that seems way to friendly in a weird way.

Some people call me gimpossible or gim for short… that’s confusing!
That’s gimpossible to understand!
So probably a better way to shorten my username would be TG.