Tag Immunity? (Help)

I am making a hide and seek tag game where when you are tagged by the seeker you respawn at a specific spot. The only problem is that a seeker can just camp there and wait for the hider to respawn. Is there a way to make it so that the seekers can’t tag you in that specific zone or if you can’t be tagged for like 5 seconds so that you can run away. (This is my first ever Gimkit creative game and I would really appreciate the help.)

In map settings there should be a respawn immunity setting where you can set it for 5 or 10 seconds. You can also add a barrier at the respawn so tagged can’t go right near it.


Yes, go to game options and go to health and shield (I think). The setting should be there.

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All you need to do is create a barrier surrounding the spawn. Also add a zone overlapping the spawn.

Make sure the barrier activation scope is set to “player”
Make sure it is NOT active on start

Wire zone to the barrier:
Player leaves zone → Activate barrier

Then wire the tag zone to all barrier:
Player gets tagged by someone else → Deactivate barrier

Now get a trigger
Set the delay to 10 seconds. (Or whatever immunity time you want.)
Set the activation scope to player

Wire tag zone to trigger
Player gets tagged by someone else → Activate trigger

Wire tag zone to trigger (again. gimkit creative doesn’t allow you to do this, so get a wire repeater with no delay, wire the tag zone to the wire repeater, then wire the wire repeater to the trigger.)
Player gets tagged by someone else → Trigger

Create a teleporter outside the spawn
Set “visible in game” to no"

Wire trigger to teleporter
Triggered → Teleport Player here

Wire zone to trigger
Player leaves zone → Deactivate trigger.

This should work properly, and give players a short immunity “base” for a while before getting forced out like in tag domination.

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can’t you just have a single large barrier over spawn since players inside barriers can still move?

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This won’t work. Tagging, lasers, and the respawn device are three things that bypasses immunity.

there’s still the barriers thing.
in case taggers track the hiders every movements you can have a zone covering the spawn barrier so that hiders get 2x speed and when they leave it they go back to normal.

well… instead of immediately respawning after tagging a player you can go to the settings of the tag zone and:

respawn when tagged: no
when player is tagged by player, broadcast on channel: check immunity

get a checker:
type: value of property
property: immunity
inequality: >
value: 10 (this is just the time of immunity you want)

run check when receiving on channel: check immunity
check passes, broadcast on channel: tagged

respawn device:
respawn player when receiving on channel: tagged

now get a property:
name: immunity
type: number
default value: 0
scope: player

now we get a counter:
starting value: 0
property: yesimmunity
reset counter when receiving on channel: tagged
scope: player

now we get a lifecycle(game start), relay(all players), and trigger loop (1 second delay):
event occurs —> trigger relay
relay triggered —> trigger trigger

now connect the trigger to the counter:
triggered —> increment counter

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Speaking of respawn and stuff, does team switching count as a player getting knocked out?

yes, it forces them to respawn

js making sure. thx.