Tag: Domination Texture Glitch

So, I Grinding For XP Before It Resets Later Today, But When I Load In, I See This:

Any Idea Why This Happend?


Just reload honestly. That just looks like a glitch. It’s been seen before (I think)


Honestly I Like It Better Though XD

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Yeah it looks really funny.

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Reload button.
Or host a new game of Tag since reloading doesn’t really work.

Contact hello@gimkit.com if this still keeps happening.

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I have no idea what happened here…

This Is bad this has happened before and it’s happening again this is not good

the table is gone and the stuff is just floating.

so you spawn in on top of solar panels, and take a seat in a floating chair w/ no table? AWESOME!!!


Ok, I’m hearting this SO BAD! :rofl:
Screenshot 2024-04-11 4.01.47 PM


lol, the files probably glitched and switched places (that’s usually how these types of glitches happen

Huh? That is glitchy, like the time I was playing mario and rabbids SOH and I fell into ground.

moment of disaster when gimkit forgot to pay their gamemode and it decided to go on a budget:

could this be the new DLD map? tbh it looks like one.

before anyone say anything yes I know this is not the new DLD and that it tag domination I just saying it as a joke.