Suspended User[Impossible]

This is the guide similar to the user who made the cure to boredom guide but this is platforming edition so lets get started with ideas i’ve come up with and how to make them happen in gimkit creative with the current tools

Idea 1 you can make blastball in the sky bye navigating a ball through a maze to do this
what you need
ball x1
gadget x1
and acess to platfomring
any terrian and patter you like
place the ball where ever you like
create a path for you ball that you would like
place the ball on a higher platform
place a gadget somewhere near the ball
If you blast the ball and someone is below that platformm i had an idea that you could luanch a ball toward the sky in platformer mode so balls can go up and down cool idea 1

idea 2 start platformer in sky
spawn pad x1
and terrian of your liking

build the platforms to the edge of the map to the sky erase the ohter platforms put a spawn pad on that platform in the sky before erasing and then build in any direciton downward if you’d like

note I can’t add pictures i would if i could but i don’t have acess to platforming at the moment

why make a guide for platforming then?
usually idea-catalog’s are made by regulars for the wiki


You woudnt need to build to the sky because if you turn off gravity you can, you know just walk up there, just letting you know for the future.

becuase i’ve looked at peple’s published maps and got some cool ideas

Why would people repeat maps that are already done?

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i didn’t repeat maps that are already done i can’t even g to it so sry also blastball idea you can have balls go in all directions even diagoanl if you til barier and guide the ball up their this would make for cool maps

apparently all it does is makes it so you can’t jump

I’m sorry but this needs to have more to be a guide
if it’s just ideas add it to cool things you can do with props or map ideas to cure your bordom

what else does it need liike you know i’m pretty new here this is only day three

it’s too short also there is a wiki for small platforming guides
you should only be making a guide if you understand the subject

what wiki is it also i got blocked from wiki fnadom globally utnil april 15

Maybe get the season ticket first? Then make this guide?

well i can’t first of all i don’t have a crdit card nubmer and hte site is blocked

Wiki are only for tl3s

uh what i’m 14 also i can’t get to it it’s blocked wiki name please

No tl3s, trust lvl 3, regulars

oh also i look at people’s maps and get cool ideas

Do you see those devices?

By the way the ball device is not in platforming mode yet.

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Rest in peace @Georgeholmes1.

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