Super Smash Gims

So me and my friends are making a map called Super Smash Gims, but we can get the teleport things right. I need to know how to get everyone to teleport to a specific place after the press of a button. because there are different maps and I don’t want them the teleport to just one map the whole time. I already have some of the teleport stuff thanks to @MirMirCreates because he kind showed me how on this Teleporting things - #4 by Pandapants2000
But I need help on the actual map, and pls show pictures so I can understand. Also I’m terrible at coding. Thx

Alright so do you want random maps or do you want them to choose?

I’m a girl btw its fine


I want them to choose an I’m sorry, I guessed ur gender. pls forgive me.


can anyone else help?

Shouldn’t you just have a button wired to a relay that then broadcasts on a channel that a teleporter receives on to teleport everyone there? (Simple button → relay (all) → teleporter)

could I get a picture?

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One second. This is extremely easy though. The relay broadcasts on a channel that the teleporter receives on.


ok thx for the help @ClicClac

You should mark that as a solution jsyk

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