Super Serious Question On how this is done

How do you make a game like Crash bandicoot OR MARIO CART?

So like a cart racing game?

Kinda Sort of, Mario Cart was just an idea if no one could come up with a way to create Crash Bandicoot.

can you give a description of Crash bandicoot, like the main mechanics and things like that? I’ve never heard of it before

You could set the players speed to 4 and make a track for the players to race along.

I dont think this is currently possible, but later on they may add more devices that may make this possible.

What i mean is there is no way to move props currently.

You can just have the players move without a cart.

true, but then it would just be a racing game.

I think that is the best you can do.

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Urmm ask ClicClac bc he made a game like this.

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I think the racing game is just like you running around a track with high speed.

Check out racing.

idk bout crash like which game
crash boom bang is like mario party basically