Substitute of an Item spawner

(I don’t care about the respawn time) but I do need the image, the image is VERY important… only way I can think is an item granter, but doesn’t have an image

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You could use pixelart, emojis or barriers.

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You can also use emojis but there are more limitations

Well, I would some if a Cosmic fish, starfish, and a beach fish, can you help me out?

Cosmic/Galaxy Fish:
You could use this emoji for the base/frame :milky_way: and this fish :fish: on the top of it.

Starfish: Use this :star: and add some dots on it.

Beach fish: This, :fish:, make it green and put some sand next to it.

It wouldn’t really work, but thanks, (why is the item spawner limit 100, they only take 8 memory)

Wait, what do you want to do again?

Have fish under the sea, you can swim and collect them, everything works, except for this area

You can tint terrain with barriers or add buttons near the pixelart/text to collect them.

Yeah, but it doesn’t look like the real fish

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