Stuff to add and devices that could be cool

It could be cool to see new devices, and I decided to make this so if anyone has ideas they can comment them, and if we’re lucky they get made (Disclaimer, I have no power if they do or don’t)

Hi @KentoLanysta, welcome to the community!

Unfortunately these kinds of posts are not allowed. Please refrain from making these kinds of posts in the future.

On the homepage of this forum, you’ll see a blue banner that explains the rules of Gimkit creative. Please read since this is important.

Thanks and enjoy your time!

Oh sorry, ill try not to next time

its ok, I got flagged 8 times when I first joined (oof)

I don’t flag it if it breaks the rules, as long as it’s from a new user.

well I got flagged 8 times by 5 different people when I first joined (lol) kinda funny now I thinks about it.

Can we post a thing about play testers or asking people to test our games for bugs then comment any they find?

Use the :nolt for suggestions in Gimkit

Codes aren’t allowed no matter what: you could enter codes here!

No - this is a community forum, not a forum for one specific person. You may probably find the “You’ve replied to username 4 times. Did you know you could send a private message instead?” Don’t message - it doesn’t even work.

Although if you find any bugs for the editor of Gimkit Creative, then you could report at Bugs .

(typing on plastic gloves is so hard ;-; )