Strawberry Seed? and green peppers?

can anyone tell me which seed if for the strawberry in GIMKIT?
its an item in GIMKIT but I don’t know what seed item makes it?
What seed is for the green pepper?
(Josh really should change the seed names from their color to the fruit/vegetable they make)

Strawberry was actually made for fishtopia, so I don’t know if there is a seed to grow it, if you don’t have raspberry in your game you can use pink seed

ahhh I do ig I wont include the raspberry then (the strawberry is better in my opinion)

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for green pepper seed, you can use the green seed seeing that in farmchain it is used for cash berry seed. and if you need a cash berry seed, you can just use the blue or cyan one… but I would suggest that you use cyan for the blueberry

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