Story game help

how to make a story game where you can take different routes

not like that like undertale: genocide or pacifist

Multiple wires connecting to the “Endgame device”

what do you mean by that?

Sorry, I don’t play undertale.
Could you explain it?

so basically ur a human that falls into a hole called the underground full of monsters
Genocide: kill all monsters Pacifist: Never kill a monster normal: lose some keep some
quick ver

So basically you want there to be different endings on certain actions?

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Like This

yes yes yes thats what i wont

It’s not as simple as that, you have to go through a set of certain conditions

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no no no not like that

Alright, I played undertale three times. What you could do is every time you kill a monster (sentry or whatever you have) increment a counter. Then base endings on the counter number. Obviously 0 is pacifist, and whatever the max number of Npc’s in your game should be no mercy.

Step 1: Wire the sentries (monsters) to an Item Granter
and then figure out how much of that item you would have before the game ends.

Step 2: Now place a checker.
Make it check for that item and make it equal to the number above and the check equal to.
Wire the checker to an end game widget that says “Genocide”
Check Passes > Activate Game Widget

Step 3: Then for the pacifist ending make repeat the steps in Step 2 but make the checker value 0 and the widget say “Pacifist”

You’re going to either have the smallest undertale copy ever or a bunch of wires.

I know, but that is the basic mechanic

If button pressed -> Endgame
else if other_button pressed  -> end game
else -> don't end game

i already have the map and its epik

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No, as in undertale doesn’t work like that. It’s more like a counter - property that updates on each kill , and depending on the value at 9/10ths of the way through the game, the final boss and ending change.

ik watchu mean but what should i use for the bg, space?

Dark Scraps and Concrete since your underground right?