Storage in Skeld Map

@WolfTechnology have you gotten a picture of storage room for among us skeld map?

Yes i have the over all photo and if you zoom in you can see it, i will see if i can get a screen shot in a sec.

Zoomed out:
Screen Shot:
Screenshot 2023-09-28 7.49.37 AM

wow that looks so good!

Thanks, if you want to see the full guide, here is a link
Among Us Skeld Map :blue_square: 5/10 - map making

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I can try to get a better screen shot later.

@WolfTechnology Is it possible for you to get an image for Shields Iā€™m making a map based off of your map design and I want to know how you made Shields (the image is very blurry zoomed up and hard to read btw)

Sure, I am currently still updating the map and transferring it to my account(as the map was made on a friends) and I am using new terrains and props to make it look better, but I can get you a few clearer images of shields, just let me finish that room.