Stopping in a zone

How would I make it so if I stop in a zone, (eg. I ran out of the item that was letting me move while in the zone), I’m granted an item?


Maybe use a property, so if player enters zone, it triggers a trigger that checks if your property = 0. If it does, grant item?


You gave me the missing piece to the puzzle!


So it works?


Maybe, but I also got the mental breakthrough needed to apply this base case to larger scale problems.


and i was obviously here for moral support
well done me!
(just kidding)

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But then repeat it so it keeps checking

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I solved this literally months ago, and kinda forgot that this guide existed. Glad I was able to give credit where credit is due though!

Yes, its always good to pay back thanks. anyways, lets keep silent so this can close and rest, once and for all.

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