Stomp attack bug

so i made a stomp attack and 2 other attacks but this is the only one that is bugged the triggers will not check if the player is in the zone or not this so can someone help me with this on the wix? here is the system

Why does it not work? Could you give us some details?

I can help on the wix

if i knew that it would already be fixed

so far its supposed to to an indicator and then after the indicator its supposed to check if the player is in the zone or not and if so the player will respawn

You need to update a property based on the zone.

i did but its not updating properly and its just either option one ignoring the triggers on the zone updating the property or option 2 the triggers are not sending properly

Player enters zone: increment counter(updates the poperty), player leaves zone: decrement counter. Inside of the code:

if: <get property: "inzone" = 1>
Do: Broadcast Message On Channel: "Stomp"

hmmm mk i will try a counter instead of a constant checker system to update the property


And also: still keep the constant checking, just set the code to what I said above.

its basically another version of ok also i will keep the checker i guess

oh and its a true or false property so do i need to change it? (scratch that i probably do need to)

Yes, it needs to be a number property.

I want to help but I’m getting a headache trying to read your posts. Can you maybe add some capitalization and commas?

still didnt work

starting to think it might be the no collision indicator barriers

Wait…you have the placed blocked off with barriers?

fixed it! i just made the zone respawn instantly and only activate at the end of the attack indicator now i dont need that much triggers and properties yayyyyy

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