Start Game Voter Mechanism

So I am out of replies today so I will edit this post as needed to the comments.
To start, all players spawn here…

And do you see the button that says start? Good. I already have a player counter set up but the goal of this help post is to ask how I create a start-game mechanism that updates its target for the number of players in-game (so if there are 10 players then the button needs to be clicked by those ten people) and I already have a wire repeater that deactivates the button when clicked with a scope of PLAYER on the button. so what I am asking is for a way to have a target be the number of players in-game and when all players click the button it starts. how is this possible?

I hope this is as detailed as you need, Appreciate Cats, CATERNAUGHT OUT!

I have a dum brain so pls involve pictures of the help :slight_smile:

@Blizzy? can you hop on the wixsite and help me with my map around 2:00? I’m very sick so my brain isn’t working. I would appreciate the help.

Have a counter - property link to the button. Each time the button is pressed, increment the counter. In the properties settings, have it broadcast on a channel when changed. Place down a trigger and have it run block code when receiving on that channel. The block code should check if the property in this help post that I asked you to place down is equal to the player counter property. If true, broadcast on a channel that starts the game.

Yeah, what @ClicClac said. Let me try to break it down:
First, have a Lifecycle, Relay, Counter, and Property
Wire your Lifecycle(Game Start) to your Relay(All Players): Event Occurs → Trigger Relay
Now, wire your Relay(All Players) to the Counter(Global): Relay Trigger → Increment Counter
Make sure this Counter updates a property.

Go to your button. Wire the button to another Counter: Button Pressed → Increment Counter
Make sure to have the Button be on player-scope, and deactivate it when pressed with a wire repeater, trigger, or something else.
Make sure this Counter updates another property. Make the Property Broadcast on ValueChanged when this new property’s value is changed. Have a trigger receive on ValueChanged. Make it have a block like this:

Now, Have a Relay with All Players set as settings relay when receiving on AllPlayers. Make it transmit on Teleport. Now, have a teleporter on your MAIN MAP receive on Teleport, teleporting players here.
Hope this works for you!