Start game button

Would this block code work? when a button is pressed it adds one to the propert people=button and if people=button equals People than the game starts.

no, devices dont work in the pre-game phase, the host has to click it manually

you can make it open a barrier or tp players out of the lobby but yeah point stands true

no this is in that actual game. you start in a lobby and when all players click the button it starts the minigmaes.

what do the channels broadcast on and are you using a player counter?

when the channel is brodcasted it teleports them to the game and the channel : “player” is the player counter channel

@Caternaught Yes, that is the correct block code. You just need to make sure the trigger is triggered when transmitted on your button’s channel. Then, you would just wire a relay, receving on “Start”, to a teleporter.

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