Standard Galactic Alphabet (More Clarified)

I want to use standard galactic alphabet in my GK escape room map, but my computers restricted. If you have an unrestricted computer:

  1. look up “standard galactic alphabet”

  2. click the first website

  3. just type in the alphabet a-z into the translator (and if it works, all of the numbers too)

  4. copy paste it into a reply


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Pushing this back up (Still maphing :point_up: :nerd_face: :abacus:)

What do you need help with?


Also, I just can’t find any for my computer. No idea why.

what translated?

I just need the alphabet in standard galactic alphabet (aka minecraft enchantment table language) there should be a translator website somewhere if you look it up. My computer’s restricted tho :cry:

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Never mind, it doesn’t work.

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Pushing this up again (I’m not maphing anymore)

How impatient are you to bump your own topic after only 15 minutes? You could just try using ancient Greek if you can’t use the galactic alphabet.

Anyways, if your computer restricts the symbols, you would likely have to hack your own computer.


you can only use the enchanting table alphabet in minecraft. nowhere else.

Still need this, if anyone has an unblocked computer, you could please help.

I updated the post, hopefully it’s easier to understand now. Hope you can help!

Here Is Your Galactic Alphabet! :partying_face:

ᔑ ʖ ᓵ ⟍̅ ᒷ ⎓ ˧ ⍑ ¦ ⋮ ꖌ ᒲ リ ꖎ 𝙹 !¡ ᑑ ∷ ᓭ ℸ ̣ ⚍ ⍊ ∴ ̇/ ǁ ⨅

(They are in alphabetical order [A-Z])

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I think he means that the translator is blocked for him.

Thanks a lot! This will really make my map a lot better!

Wrong, I just did it!

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