Speedrun Timer Not Working

I want to have a timer start when receiving on “start” and I want it to be in tenths of a second, like Gimkart 8. However, it isn’t working. Can anyone help?
Right now I have a trigger that fires on “start” and goes into a wire repeater set to 0 seconds, then back to the trigger, which has a delay of 0.1. I have a block that should increment the property “TimeScore” by 0.1. However, I get stuff like this:

This is a floating point error. Use the round block when setting the property to avoid this error.


but then it will have scores like 1, or 2, I want it to be like 5.7, or 1.4

Then multiply the number by 10 first, round, and then divide by 10.


What Are Those Blocks? The division and multiplication.
All I see is this:

Right click the blocks and click external input.

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Huh. I never knew that

It isn’t working.
It is staying at 0

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Well you have to add something to TimeScore before rounding it.

Thanks! It woks now!

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