Speed Modifiers Help Needed!

So in my map, I have a speed upgrade. Your starting speed is 1x, then when you buy the upgrade it is 2x. But, I have these puddles around the whole map and when you walk in it, it sets your speed to 0.5x then when you walk out it is back to 1x. But if you have the speed upgrade, it’s gone! So I need help with this, and then I add some props. Then I publish it. Any ideas? And omg istg if there is a post on this and i didnt find it…

Maybe use an item to represent speed. Then, give a player a different item when they enter the zone, and then take it away when they leave. IDRK though.

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Alright, i’ll try that.

Let me try something.

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Here’s a setup I did.

I’ll add the rest of the images in a minute.

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this is what i have so far

the text probably explains everything

now im jst trying to make it so when you have berry fish, ur slow
and when u have beach fish, ur fast.

My setup. (Idk if it works or if I got everything)

Nope, I failed. I’m not the best with this type of stuff.

this is so confusinggggg
should i post the access code in wix so u can mess around with my idea?

No. They’ll grief. I promise you they would.

mod chat…?
plus, it’s a test world
not the actual map

You should make the speed a property then you can use checkers to tell what speed to set you to

i would
if i knew how to use properties or checkers💀

First make a number property and name it something
also make a counter update the property

i had something similar to this

create a trigger
make a block for the trigger
whenever a speed upgrade is bought, then it sets a property to a certain value
for example:

if: recieving on channel: speed upgrade1.2
do: set property
value: 1.2

every time someone leaves the puddles, it broadcasts on “current speed”
a trigger will trigger upon “current speed” and run the block code:

broadcast message on channel: create text with : get property: speed
: speed
then add a speed modifier for every single speed upgrade u have. make them set player to configured speed upon recieving “#speed” which corresponds to their numbers

You can also use checkers instead of block code

i know im being very annoying but i need a method that doesnt use checkers, blocks, properties and that complicated stuff. im not the best at gkc :confused:

That is not possible

sigh ok then
then ill jst get rid of the speed upgrade and replace it with something else
thanks everyone for the help!
idk what to mark as solution.