Speed Modifier with Time Limit

I made the player press on a button right beside the bed that says sleep and then the player earns speed. How do I make the speed like gradually slow down like every second? Also, I don’t want to make this cluttered but is there a topic about this already?

You could do a repeater?
where it repeats for like 10 seconds and make it with a wire repeater and make it change player to speed…
i know im about to get murdered for saying this

it would just be with a counter trigger, and speed modifier. not sure the order, but maybe ask @getrithekd, he would know off the top of his head.

How would I get to @getrithekd ?

First, you would use a movement engine. After that, you’d use a property that goes down and resets when you sleep. Make that property have some sort of correspondence to the velocity property.

Okay, thanks. This is kind of hard to understand so please still be on this and if there is anything that isn’t working, I’ll ask.

Also, how do I get a movement engine?

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That guide will tell you.

Okay, thanks! I’ll tell you anything if I do not understand anything else if nothing works!

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You’d just ping me using @getrithekd.

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Okay, got it!

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