Speed Modifier Glitch

When adjusting the speed setting in the speed modifier, if you try to put 2.8 or 3.8 it will immediately jump to 2.8000000000000003 or 3.8000000000000003 respectively. This is nothing but a minor inconvenience but I thought I should say something.

It’s not actually a bug. That “2.8000000000000000000000000000003” thing is called a Floating Point.


Thanks for informing me :slight_smile: !

This has been technically solved, so Pagoda, remember to mark a solution!


Thanks for telling me! I’m new and didn’t even know i had to do that.

Yeah, this bug is called a floating point error, and it has to do with computers being bad at math. (No, really.) It happens with a bunch of other numbers as well, try to find them all!

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