Speed Limit Sign (Difficulty 1/10 or ⬜ )

Hey! While I was working on a guide for something, I found that one of my zones was working improperly and did not update the players speed as needed. Instead of trying to troubleshoot the problem, I decided that the speed limit was, for some reason, lower in that zone. So! Here’s how to make a speed limit sign in GKC.

Step 1: the only step

Start by placing down a metal pole prop.

Next, place down a metal sign and rotate it so that it is sideways.

Grab a text device and place it on top of the sign, make it say “speed limit”

Now, grab another text device and make it say the speed limit number, such as 20

There! You’re done with the speed limit sign!

Spoiler Alert

This guide is on the game which the first-ever, most thrilling Cops and Robbers game of the century. Produced by The_7th_Dragon Studios, this game incorporates high speed chases and stakeouts with the daring Cops endeavoring to capture the cunning Robbers. They will race throughout the roads of the small town, hiding in buildings and speeding on roads. Contact @The_7th_Dragon for more details!

Feel free to use this anywhere! Good luck on your GKC maps!


You could add the actual speed limit mechanic is by checking if the player reaches from one location to another too fast. Anyways, nice guide @The_7th_Dragon

Thanks! I’m not sure I know enough about blocks to do what you suggested. And also, I don’t really need to know the speed of the players on my map/game.

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Nice guide!

Thank you!


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Wow, that art looks pretty cool. Can’t you change the font of text though?

Yes, you can. I think I was using Rubik, not the default font.


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