Spectator bug + waypoint?

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Would you be able to see a waypoint on yourself if you use the spectator bug?

I can test would be weird if you can

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whut spectator bug??

THE spectator bug. The way you trigger it is inconsistent, but once it gets going your camera and actions are all someone else’s while your playing the game. You’re basically spectating and playing at the same time.

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Yes, that bug is sooo annoying. usually it happens when i am on another tab while spectating, and the game is ended while I am on the other tab. and then bug happens.

yeah it happens when i leave the game tab game ends and I click back on the tab as the starting game loading screen is on and then im in the game but viewing the player i was sectating originally.

Same, wolf tech.

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How is this continuing the discussion? This is just discussing the problem.

You just pinged Coolcaden26.