Specktang and new game

If this goes in the wrong area please tell me how to becuse I’m confused First hr doing this
so when I play on my creative map with my friend I have it to spectate when your out but when the game end.

Uhhhh this grammar no work to me… :skull: :joy:


I’M using a phone with mic but it sucks and I’m to lazy to change it also auto fill

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Ahh I see. Yeah I don’t fully understand what’s going on here sorry!


Due to the lack of grammar here, I’ve come up with various solutions

  1. You can’t switch back from spectator to player midgame
  2. To make the game end when someone switches to spectator, wire the team switcher device to an end game device
    Player switches teams → End game (I think you can do this)
  3. If you only want to spectate when the game ends, that doesn’t really make any sense as the game has already ended and there would be nothing to watch.
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I think that he/she/it is trying to say that they are put into spectator mode when their friend gets knocked out.
To answer your question, it was probably a poorly-built map and NOT a Gimkit bug. If this is your map, consider moving this to Help and try troubleshooting the teams.
Next time, spend some time typing the question so this confusion won’t happen again!

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No when A player gets knocked out on my map they become a spectator but when the game end the camera view is still on the player they are spectating I have seen this in live games I have seen to.
also Im using a phone with voice and auto fill

oh yeah that happened in my map, i think it is a bug

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I think they should fix that because it ruins the game for some people

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I think they should create moving camera view were it like a camera view but you can move

Did you call him/her an “it” :sob: :sob:

oh someone else sorry

My computer isn’t gone yet. So I’m here for a little bit longer.

Yeah, this is just a bug. It’s been around for a while, the best thing you can do is use rejoin the game. Sorry for the inconvenience, but hope this helps!

well is kinda annoying when I host for a bunch people on zoom and then we still play for a little when the zoom meeting ends (timer)

Well, I never want to assume people’s gender, so I try to include many possible names.
Now, let’s not get off-topic! :slight_smile:

I didn’t know “it” was a gender lol. Anyways, back on topic.

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