Specific weapon to permanently remove Sentries

I currently have a system that respawns a sentry after 30s of being knocked out by any weapon. How can I make it so when the sentry is knocked out by a specific weapon it does not respawn?

You can’t do that, you can suggest in at gimkit.nolt.io

I figured out how to do it

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Place a Checker that checks for the specific weapon, then connect the Sentry and the Checker via a wire where “Sentry Knocked Out” → “Run Check” and again from the Checker to the Sentry “Check passes” → “Deactivate sentry”

Screenshot 2023-10-27 09.42.02

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what if you have multiple weapons? for instance, if you have a snowball launcher and a quantum portal, and you kill a sentry with the snowball launcher and want to check if it is quantum portal, it would still say true

this would work only with 1 weapon

You could just make it to were sentries cant respawn, so it looks like up got ride of them.

The Checker checks the player that knocked out the sentry which is why the system works

that or inflicted damage.

For all of you asking the system works for my specific scenario so I don’t need to resolve every single edge case that you can think of

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Alright, if it works it works.

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You should make a full guide on that.

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