Spawning Trouble

I am making a Smash Bros. Map and I need help with making it so when the players respawn they spawn at the chosen map.

place a respawn device and a KO manager device, wire the KO manager device to the respawn device like this Player knocked ---> respawn player

tell me if that works or not.

when they choose a map activate a checkpoint


but like what if they respawn at another map?

oh ok thank you so much

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Your welcome @im_not_SPIKE foxy did most of the work

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no you are fine you helped me too

Welcome to the forums! Uh I think there’s some guidelines you should most definitely read (I didn’t read them tbh, I learned the rules the hard way…).

i did. i have reddit so i know what to do

oh yea Read this there is the rules

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thank you @CrimsonVoid

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