Spawning a Player in a Certain Place - Team Depending

So I’m making a gamemode where players will be all together, but on seperate teams. Once and item is collected, a teleporter is open for people to go through. How can I make it so that depending on what team you are on, you go to a different spot?

Set the team teleporters to only allow certain people to spawn there. (accessible in settings)

That’s not an option, could you show me a screen shot?

I know it’s not elegant, but I would just put the teleporter behind a door that shows/hides by team. Just give only that team the starting inventory for the key.

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Right, but it’s not where they initially spawn. It’s where they teleport to.

Hello, to do this you need to use the wire repeater device for this. Place down the # of teams of wire repeaters. Then, wire the teleporter to all of them, custimize the wire repeater so that the command only goes to that team. After that wire the reapeter to the teleporter of the team it belongs to. Hope this helps!

Could you send screenshots/a video?

Make team dependent spawn pads and a zone connected to a respawner.

@GimAI come up with a possible solution to this problem