Spawn problem please help

I’m making a map and when i spawn, (during game play) in the middle of the map, not a spawn pad, how do i fix this?

Check the settings of the spawn and make sure it says to use it during “Game.”

k i’ll try that and see if it works

now people spawn there during game but the spot in the middle of the map still is a spot for people to spawn how do i fix that?

If there is a spawn pad, you cannot make it so that you spawn in the middle. Unless there are no spawn pads that you can spawn at bc of the criteria. I will come back at the end of the day and give you a mini guide.

can we see the settings of your spawn pad?

You could use a teleporter in the middle and teleport people there.

I’ve already made the spawn places where they spawn and there isn’t a spawn pad.

Just put a spammer in the middle right there to be able to still spawn there.

maybe u set ur spawn pad for “Host Only”?

there isn’t a spawn pad but i players spawn there

Use teleporters I guess.

change the spawn pad to all instead of game