Spawn Item @ Player

How do I make it so that an item spawn at the player when a overlay is pressed? Please help @WolfTechnology

as in on the ground? you don’t

yeah. I saw it in a published map.

Maybe that is just for that position or they used block coding and a player tracking waypoint.

That’s not how waypoints work.

An item spawner makes things on the ground to be picked up, but they don’t get activated. They just sit there. I don’t think there is a way to make an item drop straight onto the ground.

If there is, then you would hook it up to a coordinate system and check where the player is when the button is pressed.

Also, please do not ping specific people for help as it discourages others from helping. Wolf mostly helps with art and not blocks and mechanics.

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Or hide it under a barrier

you make the function, when, button, trigger, or zone activated, grant item to player. You will need a inventory manager a function trigger device and a item granter.


How do you make the item drop straight onto the ground and not just go into the inventory?

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so the inventory item manager to set an item max to zero, grant the item, then set max item to whatever, right?

That sounds right and should work.

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Wait, it didn’t work.

Well that makes no sense, maybe it is a bug

unmark the solution then

I tried making it so that there is no reseting the max amount. Just with the item manager with the max of 0 for the item. I also checked multiple time that the items are the same .

acually, ill just make the button grant the item. I want to finish this map ASAP

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