Spaceship Help [Continuing topic from Character Creation Help]

I am now creating a spaceship for it and I need help.

all of you are artists I can first think of, please help :slight_smile:

The requirements I am incorporating into the ship:

  • Black and purple colors (with the white of course)
  • Just the spaceship (nothing else)

Ok, so like a NASA rocket?

Like a cartoony Rocket, Doesnt matter of the shape though

if you could help it would be plenty appreciated!

Do you want like an icon on it or something? Like a cat shape?

It doesn’t matter, BUT, That would be cool. I don’t know what icon though…

  • I would like it to have 3 thrusters
  • Be thin
  • And the colors I listed above


Try looking at this for reference.

@Caternaught do you want it to be boardable(like players be in the ship) or a custom prop?

This isnt a prop, its help for my thumbnail on my game

oh, my bad. Maybe try a AI image maker, I use it all the time. I would type in “Black and purple cartoon space ship thumnail”.

im using one as we speak!

Description prompt
Cartoon Spaceship landed on grass with the colors Purple, Black, and white. (Background: Sky is blue, Grass is green)
Remove (negative prompt)
a Background

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oh a thumbnail you say…

just drawings for Additions to my thumbnail. not te actual thumbnail its self

Give me a few minutes and i will see if i can find a good one.

@Caternaught here are the best two that I could get. I personaly like the first one better.

Screenshot 2024-01-24 11.29.14 AM
Screenshot 2024-01-24 11.29.04 AM


yeah I like the first one.

heres something…

its not much but yeah.

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how’s this?