Space prop ideas needed

So… I tried to attempt on helping my friend make a map, and I know I have asked this type of question before, but there are multiple empty spaces in the map that need filling such as these:
Screenshot 2024-05-21 8.13.24 AM
Screenshot 2024-05-21 8.13.12 AM
Screenshot 2024-05-21 8.13.01 AM
There is a lot more too… I need ideas on what to put there… any?

you could add those space suit lockers!

Nice idea! But… I also wanted to add some sentries but… how do I make it where they don’t fire at anyone…??

Is everyone on the same team?

I… don’t know…?

so there are no sentry interactions anymore (sadly) and friendly NPCs won’t be here for a while… so you can make their fire rate real slow, OR you could put props and barriers around him, OR make the sentry on the players team


tables, broken glass…
try making a command table area

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