Space crator for moon suvivle map

i cant be too big as there is a river that has space liqiud in it

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I can make you something.
Give me like 8 minutes
Edit: So do you want a crater with a river going through it?

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okay i have 24 thank you

:pray: :pray: :pray:t4:

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Ok here it is

Its more like a general rough draft but it works and you can change things as you like.
(If you need help on how the layering works let me know although it wont be immediate)
Also sorry it took me so long, I had to finish up homework I didnt know I had


thank you very mutch

No problem
For extra information
Water is on layer 1
The bottom space rock is floor on layer 2
and the top space rock is wall on layer 3,
The dirt is layer one,
(its meant to be a waterfall, i didnt do the best on it)
And then you can put props to decorate

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Grammer corrector!


The build can’t be too big, as there is a river with space liquid in the river.


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