Something wrong with my account

I for some reason, whenever I tried to log into my account at my old school, it just said I can’t log in from that IP address, some said that means it a permanent ban, but I only got 7 flags, and it was mainly on one post that kept being PUT BACK UP by STAFF, meaning that they approve of it, just for More people to flag it, I got put in an infinite loop and it is not fair, worst part, it was flagged because I didn’t edit the codes out of the screenshots (this was before I knew I had to do that). Anyways, how do I fix my account? And if its banned, may I please have a 2nd chance?

Maybe message the mods?

Ok, as @gimmaster12345 said, you should probably message the mods. If not, create a new account under a different email. You may have to make a new email. Best of luck and hope your account issues become resolved!

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@Doge1 it is probably because they got rid you your old school acount because you don’t go there anymore

I had a habit of logging out of my account sometimes, and when I tried to log in again, that message popped up. (which was why i was so inactive)
It usually takes a couple days for it to fix itself, but you should still message the mods because that was a school account

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