Something is not Working Right

I’m trying to make a random player have speed, but it seems like only the host gains the speed. I might be missing something. Or there might be a bug. Do any of you know what could have might gone wrong?

use a lifecycle set to game start and a relay set to random player
use wires or channels to link the 2 and then attach the speed modifier

Okay, I will try that.

you most likley forgot the relay

Because I used the lifecycle set to game start and I put the relay and set it to a random person.

Okay, lemme double check the relay again.

put a relay to all players before the random player if it doesn’t work

Okay, I will try doing that. I will tell you if it works out.

It seems to have worked out! Once I put it to all players and switched it to random player, it has worked out! Thanks Foxy for helping me with it! I will mark a solution right away!

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