Something done (almost) never before..... Mario Party!

I decided I want to make a gimkit styled version of Mario Party. I have the basic board idea down, but I am struggling with a system that separates them all into different teams. After all, since memory is a huge issue with big projects like this, I can’t make a second board. I have a simple lobby system that only allows 4 people to be separated into the game. However, it does not change their team, and this can be problematic.

Any ideas for my team system?
Any ideas to make minigames that are like mario party?

Minigames so far that I know I can create :
Mushroom Mix-Up
Bowser’s Big Blast
Pokey Pummel
Shy Guy Says
Speed Hockey

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Oh wow a another way of ending my friendship with someone besides from that add bowser spaces

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Oh, another person doing this too, lol. I’ve given up because I would rather make a slot for my DLD.

You could use buttons to separate them maybe.

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Do you know how to make a randomizer for the dice? And use relays to do teams. They help to somewhat modify them.

Just in case if they don’t have one, they can use block code and randomizers.

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The obvious answer for changing teams is to use player IDs (thx rithekd) and CPT. It shouldn’t be that hard after you get the basic board game layout. Fun fact: @WhoAmI, and @NavyCatZ and I are also making Mario Party!

I have a randomizer setup

Hah! Maybe we should all work together to make a guide lol

This gives me flashbacks. I would say bad ones but I only played singleplayer on my 3DS
(MP Star Rush :exploding_head:)

changed the title lol

@ClicClac it would be fun…

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