Something cool to do with the large barrel prop

Just a disclaimer! I’m not 100% sure i’m using the “Community Made Guides” tag correctly so please tell me if i’m doing it wrong or not!
I made 2 things with the new prop, Large Barrel, an jet engine and laser cannon:

But I’m not sure how to fix the other laser. Since only one is needed.

Jet Engine:
Large Barrel
A terrain of your choice (Metal looks better)
Fire Emoji🔥
Place down a 2x3 of your terrain. Then over the terrain place the… legs? Legs of your large barrel. Make sure the barrel is tilted so the water thingy is faced east. After, put the fire emoji in the text box and make the size 50. That won’t be enough so adjust the size to fit on the barrel. I recommend that the fire emoji is a little bigger than the barrel itself. Then put it behind the barrel. Boom, jet engine.

Laser Cannon:
Terrain (again, metal looks better)
Large Barrel
Make a 2x3 of terrain.
Place the large barrel on the terrain. Remember to tilt it!
Then add the laser over the water thingy (idk the name :skull:). If it goes below the barrel. Go to layers and make it on top. It probably will go below it.


noice guide @rektrainbow!

is this like a cannon or something?

you might want to add steps and more images so it won’t get flagged

you can also add your art in this guide, it’s basically a museum for small art designs.

don’t forget to check the “is someone editing” part when you edit ([x] for checked and [] or [ ] for unchecked.)


The one on the left is like an engine and the one on the right is a laser.


Amazing guide @RektRainbow.


I would add it but it kinda confused me, because I don’t know where I was typing and I didn’t want to screw anything up.

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for the lasers, you can make the laser not show the path, starting point and end point btw, but nice guide!


@Grey_Stone made the guide a wiki which means users that have a trust level of @trust_level_1+ can edit the guide.
Make another dropdown with your artwork.

If you don’t know how to do the dropdown:

[details=“DropDown Title”]
DropDown Content
and end it with [/details]

What it should look like:

DropDown Title

DropDown Content

Note: The [/details] and [details=“”] have to be on a seperate line

Click in the :arrow_forward: button to open the content of the dropdown.


Nice guide!


Nice guide! @RektRainbow

Long time no see, Rekt!


Nice! This is pretty cool!

Good to see you up and running again!


nice guide, cant believe i didnt see this
welcome to the forums rekt!!!

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