Somebody hacked my account and purchased a gim which I did not want.What to do?

PLs Help you might have this topic to…

Bro anybody?pls at here

You just live with it?

NO!Bro this is so infuriating!

Change your password. But unless you contact gimkit via email there is no way to get your gimbucks back (though gimbucks don’t cost you any money, soooo rather not bother them)

It’s just an online game

Could I like refund?


sorry dude but you cant refund

wait …just few minpls

It’s one Gim.

yep, pretty much that.

If someone hacked your account, you should talk to parents or school admins to see if you can reinforce device security.

However, this is off-topic as the forums are only for building with GKC.
Next time make sure to only post in Help if you need help with that.

YEs good idea dsdsda

You could try to earn the gimbucks back too.

Hey but iv been saving…

But I might know who it is…MY BRothER!

But he does not know my passcode

Bruh, rude. He hacked an account.

HE GOT ME THE OZI SKIN!!!asdasdwasd

I’m not being rude, after all it’s just an online game and the world isn’t going to end if you lose some gimbucks


you are pretty much right but this means so much to I was about to push a game…