Some Prop Art I Thought of

Heyo, I got some prop art that i wanna show people- maybe it’ll show up on some cool maps somewhere.

This is my first post- so apologies if i do something wrong ;w;"

anyway, here we go

a Road

This ones pretty straight forward, just place some Asphalt terrain, then copy “═” In a Text device an color it yellow


This one is also pretty straight forward, Its just four leaves, bread and an alien plant smushed together to look like a butterfly


Screenshot 2024-05-06 10.37.50 AM]

Screenshot 2024-05-06 10.39.12 AM

im honestly surprised that i haven’t seen this one anywhere else, Its five rocks, fire wood, and a text device with the fire emoji. To make it a bit more realistic, you could put an opaque barrier over it, as light.

Fish wall mount

Screenshot 2024-05-06 10.43.24 AM

again, surprised i haven’t seen this one anywhere-
It’s a shield and an item image device of a fish. i think you could make it look cooler if you used the colored shields

Hermit crab

Screenshot 2024-05-06 10.45.31 AM

Screenshot 2024-05-06 10.47.12 AM

this one is slightly harder, you need a shell, the tongs, and two text devices for each. For the text devices i copied “⚇” and “●” Into them.


Screenshot 2024-05-06 12.10.58 PM
Here i just tinted ceramic plates for the crust and pepperoni, and tinted dirt for the pizza sauce, the cheese is four text devices with “⬤” copied into them.
And if you want pesto sauce- just use moss for the pizza sauce instead of dirt ^^

This one is- probably my favorite- like- ever-
I mean cmon, You cant tell me you’ve never wanted to share a pizza with your friends in Gimkit

Butter in da pan!

Screenshot 2024-05-06 12.30.56 PM

(i may or may not be starving right now-)
here- we just colored a rock yellow- and put it in the pan like butter! so now we wait for it to melt ^^
…i dont think its gonna melt


Screenshot 2024-05-06 1.43.56 PM

This one is a lot of text devices.
for the cereal pieces- i used “⚬”. And for the Milk i used “⬬”
and then it’s just putting it all in a wooden bowl!

Lil Slimè monster

Screenshot 2024-05-06 2.21.03 PM

For this lil guy, You just tint a snow pile green, make it semi-opaque and then do text devices for the face!
I used “⬬”, “◕” and “◡”

Test tube/tank

The top and bottom parts are tinted ice barriers, and the center is a green barrier device, Then I added a command console.
For the Broken/Cracked one, I used “▴” In some Text devices for the cracks.

Thats all I got for now, if i make anything else ill be sure to post it.


Great! These all look really nice and would work in a lot of maps!

(Art is very underrated….)

Yeah, there’s not nearly as many art guides as there were 2 months ago.

it’s true. this is really neat!

The gim for butter looks hungry. GREAT GUIDE

This is one of the best art guides in a while!
my favorites:
-butter in da pan
-Lil Slimè monster

cute but random things I like this too much.