Soccer thumbnail [NO POLL]

I just found out that you could rotate thumbnails. Thanks, @I_Like_Props! Well, I thought that I might want to change the thumbnail of my soccer map, which was made ages ago, before blastball came out. So, I thought, would anyone want to make a thumbnail for me? Be warned though, I might not change it. I’ll only change it if I find one I really, really like.


  • Preferably hand drawn
  • Put your Credits!
  • Title is Blizzian Gimsoccer please
  • Can you put Map by Blizzy?
  • Do the shark gim, chompz, horizono, and frostington

what does yours look like

Thumbnail or map? Check my profile; the name of the game is in there. I can’t find the thumbnail right now.

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i was talking about the thumbnail

anyways all make one for you

Try to find the game. I can’t find the thumbnail

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ok Shure

I"ll make one! :slight_smile:

Any deadline? I can’t make anything till next week, probably Monday, so the deadline is kinda important for me.

what gims do you want in it

Do the shark gim, chompz, horizono, and frostington if you can

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I’ll add one. I’ll give till @VoidFluffy’s deadline, April 10th

I’ll make one! Give me a day or two to finish.

@Blizzy is there anything else i should add

btw the white border is just from where i screenshot


It’s great! Warning:

So yeah. But it’s till nice!

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Uh… maybe not the ads?

ok do you like the coach

Yes! I do!

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