So, science related map help. 🔬

Hey there! I was wondering if you guys could help me out with something. I have this school project where I need to create a science-related map for a walk-in museum. I’m thinking of having different displays of science things like the solar system, molecules, and the human body. Do you all have any ideas that could help me out?

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Use the bone emoji

Let me sketch out a floor plan and see if you like it

You could do…maybe like a history of Gimkit hallway…or a physics experiment room with the blastball gadget.

Are you looking for something that requires research?


Where’s the entance?

Maybe have a format like this one?
[credit to Prodigy for the image]

Wait! Are we doing your work? :thinking: :index_pointing_at_the_viewer: (joke)
Also, school project as Gimkit. Lucky :four_leaf_clover:
Anyway, it would be like that format but you have other science stuff there and a button and popup to explain what it is, for example, if you had to write about the forums, you would have barrier art to show to icon and have a button near it so when you click it, it shows a popup explaining what this is.


Is that prodigy?

As in the math game?

No your not doing my work. Just need to know what else I can put.
Edit: funny joke tho.

You spawn into the lobby

maybe add a american revolutin part but in gimkit

No, it’s Gimkit!

don’t look at that…

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Gimsolver thank you for the new info :expressionless:

I feel dumb now LOL.


Also, sorry about that Gimsolver.

Any more ideas? If not, I can mark a solution. So we don’t have clutter :slight_smile:

So true! we get the most BORING TOPICS in school, but BACK ON TOPICCCC

I think were done. sorry if you were expecting more, my brain’s tiny :brain: :pinching_hand:

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I don’t think your brain is tiny. I believe that everyone is smart in their unique way. :smile:
And nope. Not expecting anymore! This is plenty of ideas. Thank you :slight_smile: