So map kinda looks bland

I’ve been doing pretty good on the art some of it kinda just looks bland though any ideas to improve it?






another bedroom(kid)

yet another bedroom

lab thing
Screenshot 2024-03-03 5.49.31 PM
living room

Screenshot 2024-03-03 5.45.37 PM
dining room




other things that help

easter egg ideas
minigame ideas
it’s a story game ideas of random things to happen
puzzles and logic stuff


You call that bland? :open_mouth:


the entrance is fine I think I got lazy around the living room though

What do you mean entracnce?

Maybe add some flower pots?
Here more ideas in a sec…
1.Flower pot
2.Potted Plant
3.Book Shelf

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I put titles over the rooms it’s the one with 3 screenshots

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I would say for the farm add rakes and shovels an buckets strewn around and dirt patches in the actual field.

For the park i would add bushes lining the path, a small pond or fountain and mix in dry grass around the trees (since they are dry) you could also try to texture it more with sand/dry grass to get hues.

In the market I would add a defined path as well as maybe a small river going through it so the path crosses a bridge.

The mansion looks great, it needs no improvements

For most of the rooms try using other grays for the floor to make it seem dirty or at the least pop more.

For the lab i would add a Hazard emoji⚠️ next to a tinted barrel with a tinted dirt or ooze (forgot name) spilling out.

Maybe make a pool table in the living room using circle emoji’s or barriers.

In the kitchen add a small bar counter on the closest side of the room to make it feel smaller and on it put a sink and dirty dishes for the dining room maybe put plants or paintings in the corners

The entrance and staircase are Amazing! If you really wanted too you could put a statue in the middle of the split staircase

In the library you should put books lying around which can contain lore. Also put one of the organization ladders every so often and maybe also speckle the floor with other grays

In the study put a computer on the table in the study and in the other corner add a small basketball hoop or maybe a paper shredder


cool that explains why you were relying for so long
I’ll probably add the farm and market stuff
pool table too
maybe more detail to the floor might not; floor is taking a lot of memory

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If that’s bland then I’m a fish
i think the house is amazingggg

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Oh i should have added a statue when i was working on the entrance…good idea!

Do you still need help with that map?
and did you ever finish the outside houses?

Easter eggs

You could have fake walls to secret rooms
Random flickering
Eyes appearing
Props hovering
A dinner table with food that keeps being eaten but no-one is there to eat it…but is it a ghost?
Bookshelves randomly falling, (when they fall a laser appears but is set to under bookshelf, and so if you were where it falls, you get hurt)
Random overlays showing that are text that are like evil laughter

Mini-game ideas

Battle skeletons (bonesy sentries)
Find the candles to summon a spirit to give you a key to continue on
FInd the spirit haunting the house
Clean the house to find secrets and easter eggs
If you walk into a spider web, you must do some mini-game to escape before the spider gets you.

For puzzles and logic stuff add a few escape rooms and where you must solve riddles to find items and solve or do whatever you are trying to do.

Also could you explain more in depth about the game so we know what to suggest?

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And by this you mean…

Probably it’s a story game and we need to give examples of random things to happen.


Like you run into an invisible laser and die?
Something like that…
Except not as harsh and death-y (hopefully)…

I have a great one (idea):

@Foxy could add an ancient enchanted statue that when you touch it, it gives you a very high damage boost.
But you’ll have to work really hard to get to it…

this is not bland, but maybe add more props on the living room, and maybe the market add like a road, and the shops follow along with it… I’m not really a map designer person, just my opinion.

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Going on to that, maybe a broken statue but if you find two red rubies and insert them back into the statue where the eyes go a zero damage laser hits you and it goes when player hits laser, grant damage boost.

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currently none of the endings involve giving you weapons as the game is not based around combat

Can I have a in-depth explanation about your map and its purpose?