So interesting gkc effect I've discovered thoughts?

so I was messing around with my simplified animation system when I thought to mess around with a counter pyramid so when the counter resets it adds 1 to the bottom row of the pyramid and when the bottom row reaches 2 it resets themselves all together and on the second row it does something interesting I cant show a gif so just make a system like this i’ll show you how in a sec but the basic counter pyramid looks like this
each with a target of 2 and resetting the entire row each time it reaches 2 and with the exception of the top one not having a target or row resetter so basically what you do here is just make a repeater that sends on a channel named “row1 increment” and increments the bottom row until its reached its target and increments the 2nd row which is where the effect happens I cant exactly describe it but its like it had a math error and became random with the second row increments somehow

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What exactly is your problem. (Also can I see your wires?)

the wires go up into the next counter when reaching the target the middle counter at the bottom increments both of the 2nd row counters and the 2nd row wires all go to the top one

just curious as to see if this effect is a bug or not or something interesting that might be worth it btw try the system to understand the effect/or bug a bit more cuz I cant exactly show what’s happening on my side

I’ma ping @Blackhole927 real quick see if he understands this strange effect

The more you know

wut? 0.o

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