So im using eggnoodles guide on security cameras and I'm really confused, everyone else has it working expect me so can someone please help me on it

if you need the game c0de just ask me, I REALLY need help on it so please?

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game codes aren’t allowed here.
what’s not working?

codes aren’t allowed, but where are you confused on?

game codes aren’t allowed :nerd_face:

maybe he wired it wrong or something?

this is how it looks

maybe its the camera points

and the camera points go from camRoom01-camRoom12

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that the cameras don’t work, I LITTERALY COPIED EVERYTHING

… mind if you send in some screenshot of the setting for the devices?

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bro I’m litterally crying over the guide because it makes no sense but I’ll sends some screenshots

Screenshot 2024-05-20 10.18.50 PM

is the next button doing anything?

nope, only if i put the camera point exactly to camRoom

and I cant make them all camRoom or else none of them work

wait. what is the exact problem you’re having?

I cant for 1, I cant close off the cams, so I’m just stuck in theyre
2nd, they don’t work at all, I don’t know why, I named my camera points to camRoom01-camRoom12

the button device for cameras doesn’t transmit anywhere -_-

show me all the wires