So im making a version of squid game and I dont know how to do this one thing it will be in des

I have a counter that when times up it telport to round one but when i get back to that room I dont want it to make me telport right back where I was I want it to telport to somewhere else but the counter is wired to the telport so how do I do this basically want to decativate the telport

can you show a picture of the counter and teleporter

Uh my camera is not working right now so I will put my map code in here

That doesn’t really look like squid game. Just screenshot it.

Mac: Cmnd+Shift+4
Windows: Snipping Tool

What do you mean dosent reallly look like squid game

It’s called tiny town

and it’s not even your game i’ve seen it on here before

what is called tin town dosent make sense

Yes it it bro just go in it it im litterlay creating it right now

Chromebook (school ones): Ctrl + Shift + Show Windows (unnamed)

The link in the padlet sent me here

oh you clicked the wrong one go to the one on the right lol

It just brings me to the padlet again

ok hold on ill try to fix that

You could just go to the creative project.

ok now it should be working the one on the right hand side.

What you could do is make a property called “round” and each time you complete a round it increments (you can use a counter to do this). Have the teleporter teleport if the property is the current round.

@WolfTechnology can you help me please

@WolfTechnology can you please help me I think I might need you to look at my map