So I need ideas for the St. Patrick's day map... :)

I am making a thing to add to my holiday map. This time, I am making the St. Patrick’s Day section of it, but I am quite blank. Where do I start? What do I add to it?

Make some clovers and make some of the parts green!

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Make a quest where you find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow


add shamrock drinks and make a system to make sure that your holding a green key card or you die (because you have to wear something green on that day)

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Make a sentry leprechaun trader

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Four leaf clover on green trees(clover trees :slight_smile: ) with pots of gold skatard around that give gold items and make a shamrock sam gim hidden on the map.

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Ohh Nice ideas! Have anymore? If not, I can mark a solution. :shamrock:

Make the map look like ireland

I’m actually from ireland

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make a castle on the make and a blarne stone.irland stuff you know.

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how about a hat with the shamork and a person who is asking that you find a 4 leaf clover

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Like, if you had a sentry, but made it look like it has a hat with a shamrock on it? :tophat: :shamrock:

ya thats how sorry im running on less than couple hours of sleep for two days

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  • Add some pots of gold :1st_place_medal:
  • Add green clovers :four_leaf_clover: :
  • Add some festive decorations, such as flower garlands and ribbons. :green_heart: :sunflower:
  • Use some green gnomes, backdrop, and more! :rose:
  • Have some historical background; popups with information and stuff! :books:

Tips for Decorating :memo:

  • Don’t be afraid to add whatever you like. :wink:
  • Be unique; make the map interactable! :roller_skate:
  • Have fun! :+1:
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Also, this just gave me an idea of a wiki to make!
I don’t know why I didn’t think of it sooner!
:scroll: The Ultimate Guide to Holiday Decorations

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