So... I need help

How do I make it so that if somebody dies they respawn in a SPECIFIC area/box.

Make 1 spawn pad set to game in an area and it should work

Use a respawn device.

Yeah, but I already have spawn pads.

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There should only be 1 activated if you want the players to spawn in the room

Here’s a screenshot

But how do I make players not spawn there?

just make it pregame

Currently, the only way is with team switchers but I am not sure that is what you want so I suggest put a teleporter there and then connecting whatever causes the player to respawn with the teleporter
(also put a wire repeater in between them: 0.5 seconds I would do)

(something happens) —> send wire pulse, pule received ----> teleport player here

get a life cycle and a teleporter so when
Player gets knocked out → teleport player

If these players are not needed after they are knocked out, you CAN use a team switcher,
so basically

Player knocked out —> set player to configured team ( team 61, the player limit is 60)
then get a spawn pad and put it in the “area/box” of yours then your done, just make sure there are no “in game, all player” spawn pads for this)

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You can use a checkpoint and activate it.