So... I need a little bit of help

So, I need some ideas for my doomsday map. You may have seen my post, about the dungeon. So, how should I make a fire animation? What other things can I add?

Well, first of all, if you dare add bloodstained walls.

:joy: Just kidding, don’t do that. What does your map look like?

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I only have the place where the person spawns and the details around it.

Maybe u could make like booby traps

Hey, would you mind showing a picture-

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For fire, you can use barrier art and blocks for appearing and disappearing at random times… if you don’t want memory space for anything else in your map, but want really dopey-looking fire instead. The best way to do this (which is not really an animation) is probably just to use really big fire emojis in a Text device.

Also, make sure to include a dragon!

Or you could make a barren, desolate field: Dark Scraps terrain, bare snowy trees(tinted so they have no snow on them), etc.
Or you could make our planet.

Let me get a picture of what I have so far…

put sinkholes and radioactive barrels

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Screenshot 2024-02-12 10.17.03 AM
That’s all I have so far

You need dark scraps terrain for a doomsday map.

Hmmmmm if its a bunker add more stone bricks, make the color scheme darker, get rid of the grass and trees, you prob want more dead stuff, you could add moss, use fire emojis, maybe add some bones, you could do iron bars and attempt on making chains. Black, gray, dark gray and the red are good color combs

Yeah! Nice one! And add chains!

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Make a giant barrier device with collision off over the whole map. Make it black and 0.10 to 0.25 transparency.

OH YES I forgot about that


If possible, you can add lava and use text to write tally marks.
It would make the map extremely depressing…

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Lolllll frfr though~

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Tally marks are such a good idea!!!

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Aw, thanks! Y’all’s ideas are good, too!